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Integrated solution

Ticktrack is a fully integrated fleet management solution designed for transport companies that combines passenger control, geolocation and telemetry data of remote vehicles from the touch of a smartphone. Furthermore, it enables fleet administrators to communicate with the users and employees.

1 - Fast

With Ticktrack every transaction is registered on a secure server in real-time and can be accessed from any device or location.

2 - Reliable

Ticktrack uses secure servers and connections so you can rest easy. In case of smartphone loss or theft, access can be disconnected remotely.

3 - Easy

Ticktrack is designed for a simple handling, allowing to customize rapidly.


Ticktrack is designed for any size business and can adapt to any type of fleet. From a few vehicles to hundreds, Ticktrack will harness the power of mobile to help your business become more efficient, sustainable and intelligent.

Ticktrack is easy to install. Following a consultation, once you decide on the number of devices and specific requirements for your business, we take care of the rest. Our average integration is about one month.

Ticktrack was designed for transport companies seeking to update fleet management solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional contactless reader infrastructures. Our solution operates entirely using smartphones or tablets. The cloud-based software is easy to install, implement and scale, offering remote maintenance helping to keep costs down. Beyond this, we understand that every project is unique. Get in touch for a personalized estimate.

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